How to use in the "assets" app

There are different ways to use the module.

Option 1: Overwrite the magnolia dam app decoration file in the resources app.

Find the file in the decorations app and edit it.

Add the item usage workbench code snippet to the workbench column. You can add additional column properties like label and width. See for all list of all properties.

itemUsage: &itemUsage $type: itemIdUsageColumn descriptionGenerator: ch.esense.itemusage.ItemUsageDescriptionGenerator

After closing and re-open the dam app, the new column appears in tree workbench.

Option 2: Decorate the dam app in your module

Add the following folder structure to your modules decorations folder.


Create a yaml file


It should look like this

Overwrite the default magnolia asset tree workbench. Add following code to the new created yaml file.

YAML workbench column code snippet

YAML code-snippet for the item usage workbench column



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