Configure other workspaces to be searched

By default the module search for usages only in the “website” workspace. If you want to extend the search on other workspaces, you can configure in the module config file which workspaces are searched.

Option 1: Overwrite the config file in the resources app

Adding the “contacts” workspace

Add this snippet to the config file for usage search in the “contacts” workspace.

contacts: workspace: contacts mainNodeType: mgnl:contact appName: contacts subAppName: browser label: Contacts


How the file should look after adding the snippet.

Option 2: Decorate the config file in your module

Add the following folder structure to your modules decorations folder.


It should look like this

This example adds the workspace “contacts” and “team” to the usage search. The Workspace “website” is added by default by the module. Following configuration will search in 3 workspaces: website, contacts, team

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