The module can be configured to

  • Whether or not users get informed if faulty links are found

  • The notifications mail sender address and the mail subject

  • The timeout in ms before a “Timeout Exception” is returned while reaching a link

  • If only links should be checked which are in use (eg added to a page) somewhere

  • Which workspaces should be searched for link usage and which app is addresses in the usage infobox link

You can ether overwrite the config.yaml in the “Resource Files” app

or decorate the config file in your module.

# Link check connection timeout in ms timeout: 20000 # If enabled, only links used somewhere in the workspace configured below are checked # Beware, that links can be added through folder lists, tho not get checked as not used directly checkOnlyLinksInUse: false # Mail and notification settings mailFrom: "magnolia-cms-links-app@localhost" # Sender e-mail address mailSubject: "Magnolia CMS Links App: Faulty links found, please check" # Mail subject sendNotification: true sendMail: true # Workspaces which are searched for link usage workspaces: website: workspace: website mainNodeType: mgnl:page appName: pages-app subAppName: detail # category: # workspace: category # mainNodeType: mgnl:category # appName: categories-app # subAppName: browser

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